An update from Derek Sims regarding discrepancies from the early days of our League


When reading the League History on the web site some years ago, I noticed a few inaccuracies on the first ever season in 1973-74. First was the fact that our first game was away but against the Kings Head not the R.E.M.E. Club (this game was played in the following January). Second was we didn’t “STEAL” the league title on the last game of the season because we were already top of league before the final match and by winning that game only confirmed our title as league winners. The only thing preventing me putting this in writing before was I didn’t have any proof, other than my recollection of that season. That changed a short time ago when going through some old family stuff at the back of a cupboard I found two old diaries. One was for 1973 and the other 1974, in which were the results of our matches for the all 18 games and with the exception of two, the actual scores. As can be seen, our results against the two favourites shows we didn’t steal anything, just scored more points over the season. I think Bridgend RFC “B” must have been the strong side only because we beat the “A” side twice. We never knew who was at the top of league or where we stood throughout the season . After the game against the R.E.M.E. Jeff North came in to find out the result, then said the Rugby Club had lost and we were now top of the league. That meant we had to defeat the Conservative Club to win the league - which we did. The other inaccuracy was our team consisted of Joe Price, Ken Brown, David Lewis and Derek Sims. Joe Price dropped out at the end of ‘73 and never played for us again, his place was taken by Harold Joyce. I did wonder, was the list of the first week games in the League History, the original games planned before the two Rugby Club sides joined and then rearranged to accommodate them. 
Below results and dates for Glanrhyd Social Club 1973-74 Season 
15th Oct. Kings Head (a) won 25-5
22nd Oct Railway Inn    (h) won
29th Oct Rugby “B”.    (h) won 34-30
5th Nov Red Dragon    (a) lost 20-30
12th Nov Rugby “A”      (a) won 35-19
19th Nov Con Club.      (a) won 40-10
26th Nov Ewenny Road (a) draw 39-39 (probably the first draw in league)
3rd Dec Red Dragon.  (h) won 23-20
10th Dec Royal Oak      (h) won 24-11
17th Dec Rugby “B”    (a) lost 27-54
7th Jan  Royal Oak.      (a) won 33-19
14th Jan Railway.          (a) won 26-24
21st Jan R.E.M.E.          (a) won 
28th Jan Kings Head.  (h) won 34-32
4th Feb Ewenny Road (h) won 38-34
11th Feb Rugby “A”      (h) won 23-19 18th Feb R.E.M.E.        (h) won 29-11
25th Feb Con Club.    (h) won 32-25 We might have won the league by only 1 point but against the two big favourites over 4 games, we won 2, drew 1, and lost 1.

Derek Sims 



A brief history of the league by Alan Rudge.


In 1973 Mr. Jeff North founded the Quiz League in Bridgend and ever since then has kept little jottings & snippets of interest and recently gave them to me to show those who might wish to see them. I feel sure that most members of teams in the league will find them as fascinating as I do, therefore, I have arranged them as best I can in chronological order. From 1994 we became known as the Bridgend Recorder Quiz League and then later the Bridgend & Porthcawl Gem Quiz League in recognition of the generous & continued sponsorship by the local newspaper.


The very first week of the League began with just eight teams & four matches. They were Ewenny Road Social v Royal Oak (Bridgend), King's Head v Conservative Club, Railway Inn v Red Dragon and REME v Glanrhyd Social.

Within a week or two, Tom Crowley & Paul Jones having heard of the Quiz League, asked Jeff North if they could enter two teams from the Bridgend Rugby Club. They were to be known as Rugby 'A' & Rugby 'B'. The late Tom Crowley (a graduate of the Open University) brought together a strong team consisting of John O'Brien & a very intelligent father & son pairing, Bill & Jeff Hughes and were supported everywhere by the "legendary" David Dobbs.


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